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I am Anna from KSECRET global business team.
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Haven’t heard or KSECRET yet?
We are a Korean skincare brand, super active in ALL social media platforms: TikTok, YouTube, Instagram.                  




Both customers and influencers LOVE our products.

  1. We made very first RETINOL hydrogel patches
    - #1 retinol patches at Olive Young, Coupang and Naver store
    - 100,000+ sold in 2023 only
    - X12 weekly sales rise at Amazon US
  2. HOT collagen boosting sun lotion
    - X5 weekly sales rise at Amazon US
  3. New VIRAL Seoul 1988 Retinal Serum
    - RETINAL for sensitive skin: 2% retinal liposome, 58% black ginseng, bakuchiol, vitamin C & 3 peptides
    - X18 weekly sales rise at Amazon US


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KSECRET brand introduction //  KSECRET products catalogue

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