Keep yourself safe with trustful K-Beauty, 100% made in Korea


K-SECRET is the No.1 K-Beauty store in the Middle East

K-SECRET is the largest & the most reliable K-Beauty multi-brand store in the Middle East. We provide more than 1000 Korean products from more than 50 Korean brands to in and out of the middle east area. We are committed to not only serve the Korean products but also introduce Korean skincare philosophy which prioritizes skin’s natural beauty and health.
We always guarantee qualified products from Korea with reasonable price offering Beauty, Lifestyle and, K-pop products which could enrich consumers’ life. Our products are all 100% authentic Korean products, and it's already tested and all passed. So, it's a famous product even in other countries as well as Korea. We are keeping in mind that trust is the priority value for our future.

K-SECRET is the No.1 Korean beauty distributor to the Middle East, Africa, and India

We are an expert in distributing K-beauty products dealing with the major Arab beauty groups. We clearly know how to connect to a diverse customer base using various trendy marketing channels which became popular recently ensuring the direct interaction with the targeted group.
K-SECRET will make your business become attractive in the market. We made a more efficient distribution structure between Korea and Middle-East, so K-SECRET can offer the best supply price to you. We deliver K-Beauty products to all the regions in Middle-East, Africa, and India.

K-SECRET is the 1st Korean multi-brand store in the Middle East 

K-SECRET runs 4 retail stores in UAE, where customers can meet and enjoy authentic K-Beauty. Our stores located at Arabian Center, Satwa, Ajman Al Rashidiya, and Al Ghurair Centre are always trying to provide high quality of K-beauty items and expand our area so that we can supply products whatever our customers want.